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Climbing Peak of Borneo Mount Kinabalu

Climbing Peak of Borneo?

Preparation climbing Peak of  Borneo, Mount Kinabalu

Are you a person who likes to explore nature? a person who likes to travel but looking for a difference? You are the one who will succeed in conquering Mount Kinabalu. If there is such an intention you can read tips and guides for climbing.


View of Mount Kinabalu -Climbing Peak of Borneo

1) Book a climbing slot

Booking a slot is the most important thing you need to do before making other preparations. To book a climbing slot, you have three options which are through:

1) Mountain Torq – If you want to climb via Via Ferrata
2) Sabah Parks
3) Silk Sanctuary Lodges

According to experience, Sabah Parks offers the cheapest package price which is RM269 (includes the cost of accommodation, meals, permit and insurance). To make a reservation, you just need to email or call them. Provide some information such as the date of the climb and the number of climbers.

For information, climbing slot sales are very fast. So you need to be aware of the advertised slot sale date. To find out the date of sale of climbing slots by Sabah Parks you can follow FB or contact them.

2) Book flight tickets

After the climbing slot is booked, you can book the flight ticket. If you want a cheap price, make sure you are always aware of promotions from airlines. In this case, it is recommended that you book a flight date the day before the climb (outbound flight) and the day after the climb (return flight).

For example, if the climbing dates are on the 13th and 14th, you are advised to be in Kota Kinabalu no later than the 12th of the month and the return flight is on the 15th of the month.

3) Manage accommodation outside the package

Accommodation outside the package means other accommodation that you need to manage other than accommodation at Laban Rata. This is because the RM269 package offered by Sabah Parks only includes the cost of one night’s accommodation at Laban Rata, three meals (buffet dinner, buffet supper, buffet breakfast), permit and insurance only.

For example, if you go to Kota Kinabalu from 12-15 March 2024 and the climbing date is 13-14 March 2024, then the accommodation on the night of the 12th and 15th needs to be managed by yourself. To get cheap prices, you can compare using the Trivago Trip or Agoda search engine. According to experience, the room options offered start as low as RM35 per night (for double room & shared bathroom).

4) Manage transportation from Airport/KK city to Kinabalu Parks (return)

If you are hiking in a large group, booking a vehicle is not difficult. This is because you can share transportation costs with other climbers. To book a vehicle with a driver, you can book it from a registered travel agent in Kota Kinabalu. For example Mountain Trails with a price of RM700 (return van transfer KK-Kinabalu park).

Whereas, if you are traveling in a small group you can use public transport. Public transportation from Kota Kinabalu city to Kinabalu park is available at Padang Merdeka Kota Kinabalu bus terminal. But remember, if you want to use public transport you need to spend the night around Kinabalu Parks. This is to avoid you having to deal with the problem of getting a vehicle early in the morning to Kinabalu Parks.

Or you can rent a car then park at Kinabalu Park.

5) Prepare to climb

The last step is to prepare for the climb. Increase your stamina and take care of your nutrition so that your climb goes smoothly.

The cost of climbing Peak of Borneo,Mount Kinabalu

1- Accommodation and meal package (buffet dinner, buffet supper, buffet breakfast) at Laban Rata, insurance and permit = RM269
2- Guide = RM230/5 = RM46 – Also read: Guide price
3- National Park entrance ticket = RM3
4- Certificate = RM10.60
5- Locker = RM12 per bag
6- Transportation from Kinabalu Park to Timpohon Gate = RM9 (return)
7- Transportation from KK city to Kinabalu Park (12 seat van) = RM70 (return) = RM700/10 people
8- Transportation from the airport to the hotel in the city of KK = RM8 (return – share using Grabcar)
9- Accommodation in KK city = RM80 (2 nights)
10- Eating outside the package = RM50
11- Malindo Air flight ticket = RM318 (return)

Total amount = RM875.60

To reduce costs, you can reduce the cost of accommodation and flights. This is because hotel prices in Kota Kinabalu can be obtained as low as 20-30 per night. Whereas, for flight tickets, you must always be aware of the promotions advertised.

List of tools/items for climbing of Peak Borneo Mount Kinabalu

1- Backpack/daypack – Waterproof type is recommended
2- Shoes
3- Long john/long sleeves (optional) – at least a pair for the day to the peak/Low Peak
4- Wind breaker – Light type and traps heat
5- Socks – 2 pairs
6- Hiking clothes – 2 pairs
7- Glove – recommended waterproof type
8- Winter hat (optional)
9- Ponchos/raincoats
10- Head lamp
11- Toiletries
12- Bottle of water
13- Food (eg; chocolate, nuts, energy bars etc)
14- Personal medicine
15- Plastic bag (optional) – For wet/dirty clothes or mobile phone/camera
16- Hiking/trekking poles (optional)
17- Other requirements deemed necessary.


Happy climbing to those who will capture the peak of Borneo

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